Step 1: Motivated Minimalist.

pexels-photo-641038.jpegWelcome to your first step in becoming a mindful, motivated minimalist.

This is a five minute daily exercise.

Find a quiet spot to meditate and be still. It may be with a cup of tea in the garden, before you fall asleep at night or as you wake, in the shower or on the bus on your way to work.

Simply, close your eyes and honestly ask yourself who in your life makes up your little village? (The village reference is one my best friends favourite sayings! Thanks T) Who are the friends and family that truly support you? Who makes you feel happy and loved on a daily/weekly basis? Picture those people that come to your mind and visualise yourself surrounding them with a golden light.

*I often point my finger and imagine a gold thread of light coming from my pointer finger. I then visualise myself drawing a large, love heart on the person and then swirl the light in a clockwise motion around their entire body.

Make a promise/prayer to the universe to focus on them from now on daily, with all your energy and love! Anybody else you have in your network of friends or family are still important socially but you can give yourself permission not to put as much effort or energy into these relationships. The goal of this exercise: To focus your energy and love on your most meaningful relationships.

This needs to become a daily practice. By completing this simple meditation you will find yourself dedicating time to your true loved ones and other parts of your life that need attention. You will find it easier to say no and it will be easier to spend more time with the people to whom you truly love.

*An example of daily life – A few weeks ago I received an invite for lunch with the Mother’s Group I use to attend in 2009.  I was flattered and even considered attending and fitting it into my busy week. The old me would have said yes without a second thought; I would have rushed to lunch , listened with interest, shared some details of my life and walked away most likely taking on some energy that made me tired and exhausted. However, this time I took a deep breath and reflected before replying to the text…

In that moment of stillness, I  realised that only three out of the ten mothers that were invited to lunch had shared a friendship with me in the last 8 years. Also, I was not even sure if they were going? Those three, amazing mothers were in constant communication with me, ringing and texting back and forth, meeting up for playdates and catching up for dinner over the years. They were loving and supportive with the loss of my Dad and were concerned when I was unwell with my major surgery.  And I had just caught up with the three lovely ladies when they attended my 40th birthday party a few weeks before.

So I declined. I said NO! I did not have anywhere else to go on that particular day and instead I spent the few hours preparing a delicious, nutritious, vegetarian meal for dinner that night. I was motivated and energetic and my love and energy focused on my most meaningful relationships, my husband and children.

For those that are interested in this delicious, family dinner that we all devoured, check out this link Jamie Oliver’s recipe.

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