Energy, Time & Materialism

I have been taught since a young child to eat healthy foods, exercise and rest. So why do I find every possible way to rebel against my nutritional truth?

Well before my awakening: I ate conveniently, cooking what I thought was healthy quick meals (the Australian way of meat and two veg) and excusing the sugary snacks as well deserved treats after a hard day (I should have taken shares in Cadbury). I exercised moderately with a game of basketball weekly and stints at the gym. I thought I was resting by staying up late and watching television (as I was told by my friend J, I was a MOMBIE). I considered myself healthy & fit.

So why did it take a major health scare  to make a necessary change of lifestyle for my family and for myself? Why was I not providing the nourishment needed for my families bodies and minds on a daily basis? Why wasn’t I being a role model of authentic, healthy living to my family? Why did I think it was acceptable to believe that I could take animals and plants from the planet without giving any thought or gratitude at each meal?

Three words – Energy, Time & Materialism.

I was a being controlled by my ego and a belief that money & consumer consumption was the answer to a better life. A big salary, large house, private education, fashionable clothes, after school activities for the children, travel destinations, trendy bars and restaurants were my goals and intentions for my life. I had heard many a story… about people packing up their lives and selling everything to be happy. I had read about the rich, regretful on their death bed with the realisation they couldn’t take their money with them. So why was I living a materialistic life?

I still can not answer this question with conviction even as I sit writing this. I wish I could. My only truth is that I knew at the time I was not living consciously and authentically. My priorities were materialistic, I was busy and I didn’t have the motivation to put in the time and effort to change my life.


In late 2017 close to my 40th birthday (yes a mid-life crisis), after my father’s passing and during my major health scare, I was awakened. At the time I was not working as I was recovering from surgery and unable to do anything physical due to pain and my body healing. I couldn’t walk up stairs, I was unable to read and tuck my children into bed, I needed assistance to get out of bed and needed my husband or mother to help me shower and get dressed. It was the most physical pain I had ever experienced and I have had two children!

My loving mother was caring for my children, dropping them at school and taking care of the errands and chores that come with a household and my husband was working long hours in his business. So I found myself alone and forced to be still. It was confronting, silent and spiritual. So I began to pray, meditate and read. I found myself meditating for hours a day.

I was also so tuned into my body after surgery I began to listen to what it was telling me. My body demanded only vegetarian food, whole grains, organic vegetables, legumes and organic fruit. I began juicing and drinking only glass bottled mineral water (yes no tap water, no caffeinated tea, coffee, and only the occasional glass of alcohol). And with all the physical pain I was experiencing I was in wonder as my body felt the best it had for years.

Now, with 6 weeks to 4 months of recovery in front of me I had a lot of time on my hands. I was motivated to read, watch, listen and ask questions about food. Now was the time to re-evaluate what I was eating and what meals I was providing for my family. My goal was to have a smaller shopping list but a nutritious one.

I was a motivated minimalist.



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