pexels-photo-907486.jpegSo the sign above is my main objective for the next six months. It is on my vision board!

Now as I type this, I can envision my good friends B & S laughing. Why? A couple of months ago we were having a girl’s catch up over dinner. Our laughter somehow turned into a deep conversation about life goals. During this discussion, I confided in them with sincerity that my husband and I create a vision board every six months to help us focus on what we need, want or desire for our family. Their response was hystericical laughter! Such good friends…

Finally with an agreed upon explanation, they stated to me that only I would have the time and energy to create a vision board. Puzzled I asked them how a powerpoint slide with some photos and words was effort? With clarity they continued to share what they thought our family vision boards looked like. R & S definition of my vision board; a massive artwork on a pin board with collaged photos and images, with scrap book detailing and calligraphy written text. Thus, the vision board would be proudly displayed in our kitchen. Please don’t tell them but such a vision board creation has been tempting!

So as you have read, our family vision board is simply a powerpoint slide with some images, photos or simple text that we save to give us some direction and inspiration. My husband and I believe that once you focus your intentions with positive thoughts the universe will often give you a nudge along the way. Once jointly created we talk about what we both want for our family’s future and for ourselves. Our first vision board was a suggestion from my husband and we have been creating them for the last five years and each one is different.

The last one was created after my surgery was simply love, family & laughter.

So what steps did I take and what universal nudges did I get to help?

Love: When you are sick and faced with your own mortality (thanks for the nudge universe) all you want to experience and share is love.

  • I began simply ending my texts to my family and friends with love hearts.
  • Then I began daily meditations picturing my family and friends in my mind and encircling them with a golden love heart.
  • My family and friends surrounded me with strong authentic love when I was at my worst. I felt their love reach into me and lift my spirit.
  • I visited a gifted spiritual healer S that poured love into my body and mediated that all my negativity and fears be released.
  • I recognised the truth that all healing comes from love.

Family: I don’t know if it was getting sick or if it was turning 40 (again thanks universe!) but in the last few months my focus has shifted and is focusing on my family.

  • I no longer have a strong desire to socialise constantly.
  • I no longer want a busy life and work is not my top priority.
  • I am motivated to be a better wife, mother, daughter and friend by staying balanced and present.

Laughter: During my hospital stay and home recovery, I could not move, shower myself and was unable to hold the weight of my GHD hair straightener (universe’s soft nudge). My friends and family visited me make up free and in my PJ’s day in and out. So in these last few months I have decided to place less attention to trends, fashion and keeping up with others. (Yes I still was doing this in my late thirties!)

  • I now focus on new experiences, outdoor walks or bike rides, playing board games as a family and picnics with friends.
  • I no longer need an expensive wardrobe that needs constant updates or a face of make up.
  • When I decide to go out somewhere nice or have a special occasion etc. I give gratitude for the clothes and makeup I already own.
  • If I get caught at the shops without make up, crazy hair and in daggy leggings… I laugh.
  • I also realised that laughter happens more often when you start living an authentic lifestyle.


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