Leap of Faith


Have you ever taken a leap of faith?

Well my husband and I have just made one for our family!

We have sold in NSW and bought in QLD in the space of 24hrs. Crazy right? Spontaneous? Adventurous? Impulsive? Well actually it was a year coming…

Last March in 2017, a good friend K (a sister from another mother) was staying with us from QLD. She noticed how I was restless after my father’s passing and she understood, as she had lost her beautiful mother at a young age. You see I wanted to change my life and live it with authenticity. I was not unhappy but unsettled. And as we chatted over dinner and a wine or two, she suggested we move to the beautiful Sunshine Coast where she called home. We had a laugh, decided it was a plan and then she packed and headed home, not thinking much of it.

However, I thought about it… I laid awake thinking before bed, woke my husband for a midnight chat and we decided to think about it again the next day. My husband and I knew that in order to live more authentically and have more time with our children and less materialism, we needed a big change. A movement that would allow us some financial freedom and a lifestyle which would escape the trends and pace of Sydney. Well a year later after after many midnight discussions (I think best at night), life experiences and challenges we did it.


I feel excited, happy and overwhelmed but truly believe it is a fantastic decision for our family. We will be better financially, have a smaller house and plan to sell a large portion of our furniture and materialistic objects. My husband and I are both rediscovering our next path in life.

I am a motivated minimalist on the move!

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