Poetry… How I Have Missed You.


Poetry is feedback for the world…

Recently I had a lovely barbecue at a dear friend’s house. It was a fantastic day, delicious food, laughter, supportive chats and honesty over lunch. During this day I was joyfully surprised with an interaction from a young spirit whom inspired my creativity.

The cherished moment was shared when my friend K’s daughter C read me a poem she had written at school. C is such a talented, creative and sensitive young girl. And as she read, I attentively listened to the powerful message she had voiced within the poem. I revelled in the memories of my teenager years, where I locked myself away in my bedroom writing endless hours of poetry. A time when I believed in myself and when important messages to the world flowed easily on to paper.


C inspired me to write poetry again and to remember the importance of sharing your message however small with others. So below is my first poem in over 20 years! It is feedback on a time when I was unwell and awaiting my diagnosis from my specialist. A deep, dark, troubling time in which I pondered life, questions my beliefs, searched for answers and found comfort only in nature. During this time, the tree canopy in my backyard was my saving grace mentally. I am so grateful for the trees as they helped me to heal, gave me strength and energy to love myself and others.


I hear you whisper gently,

‘Be still, breath me in, believe’.

I hear you rustle restlessly,

‘Be still, notice me, awaken’.

I feel your bark magnetically,

‘Be still, connect with me, re-energise’.

I hug your trunk desperately,

‘Be strong, rely on me, trust’.

I telepathically call up to your green canopy,

Trust what? I shout.

Believe what? I scream.

Awaken to what? I question.

Re-energise how? I ask.

Trust what? I ponder.

Then I surrender in your shade knowing you hold the answers.


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