About Me



Welcome and thanks for visiting. It feels so good to be finally writing again after many years. I am so motivated in taking further steps to create a more authentic and happy life and I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

I am a 40 year old free spirit, mother, wife and good friend who has for twenty years worked as a primary school teacher, waitress and florist. My careers have given me such joy, purpose and love. I truly believe I was born to teach and I have been so fortunate to have shared and created cherished, life memories with over 600+ students.

I am blessed with an honest, loving and caring husband who is embarking on this journey with me reluctantly! I have two beautiful children; a serious, gentle daughter H and a lively, wickedly funny son A. Whom probably have no concept of minimalism as of yet!

I love living in Australia, feel at home amongst the trees, love rainy days, ALWAYS dance, enjoy basketball and relax whilst camping.

Happy Reading,

Motivated Minimalist x